Here at Beals Farm we would like to thank you for your continued support through this difficult time. 

British artisan food and drink producers are integrally connected to the hospitality sector. This sector has  been hit hard after the implementation of the understandable lockdown. 

Beals Farm will be donating directly to Hospitality Action who are making cash available to hospitality workers who need it most.

We must all continue to support our food and drink artisans to help ensure that the amazing products they create are still available in the future.

Thank you all.

Stay well

'Champion Product Winner' - Free Range Pork & Beef Air Dried Products.

Beal's Farm produces award winning artisan British charcuterie, made in North Chailey, East Sussex. We specialise in the production of charcuterie made from Mangalitsa pork, a heritage rare breed pig.

At Beal's Farm Charcuterie we pride ourselves in giving our customers quality assurance through basic, traditional farm values. We rear, process, cure, smoke, air dry, and pack to give you a range of British charcuterie products like no other. Our pre sliced and cooking chorizo products are atmospherically packed to ensure longer life freshness.


"you can really see the passion and skill in all of Phil’s products, it’s very refreshing to meet a producer/ supplier who shows so much joy & skill in their product. Even better that the products surpass your expectations!"

Robin Read Group Executive Head Chef of London's Firmdale Hotel Group


Mangalitsa pork is considered among the tastiest pork in the world due to its highly marbled unique creamy monounsaturated fat and rich, flavourful meat, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. The Mangalitsa pig is perfect for high quality British charcuterie products.

You can buy our British Mangalitsa charcuterie via our on-line shop and also from a number of farm shops that we supply. Our quality air dried meats and salamis are sold to the trade in top restaurants in Sussex & London as well as farm shops and food retail outlets